Sterling, VA (inside main entrance of Dulles Town Center Mall)

Just a quick review on this restaurant, which I went to once when it first opened many years ago but visited against last Saturday night.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!  I ordered a sausage and pepperoni pizza, which was cooked and ready in about ten minutes.  The meat was a little spicy, which made it taste great, and the crust was doughy enough to be good but still had a little crunch from the oven.  The only negative? That it was so big I should’ve split it.

My boyfriend got a sausage pasta dish, which was a fairly big portion and was tossed in a tomato sauce.  It’s an interesting dining concept because you order at the counter and they add everything onto a card, like a college dining hall, then when you leave you pay for whatever is on the card.  Next time we go, I want to try pasta because they have whole wheat pasta and you can tailor your dish exactly how you like it!

Oh, and I should also mention the complimentary bread you can ask for and dip in the olive oil at your table as well as the free gummy bears on the way out. Overall, a great atmosphere and set-up which was especially nice on a Saturday night because there was no wait for a table but it was still great, fairly healthy and fresh food.  I absolutely recommend that you try it if you haven’t!

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