Running Routine and Reactions

I’m going to take you through a typical week in my workout schedule for the summer as I train for the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon on Labor Day weekend.  I’ve completed two of the twelve weeks of training I’m putting into this, so there’s some thoughts on how it’s going as well.

Monday – Day off from running. I bowl instead, in our summer bowling league with my boyfriend.  He’s decent, I’m terrible. BUT I have improved my average by about 15 pins from last summer and that’s something, right?

Tuesday – Easy run, usually 30-45 minutes.  I like these days, just enough to loosen my legs but easy to fit in and I usually just run around random neighborhoods and mix my routes up.

Wednesday – Day off from running.  I typically go to yoga in the evening to keep my muscles stretched.  It’s relaxing and not super intense, which is what I like the most.

Thursday – Workout day. Looks like these are going to be five-minute repeats, meaning five minutes hard running, two minutes light running, and repeat.  I have been going to the middle school track near me to do this.  It sucks. Worst day of the week.  Last Thursday they’d just cut the grass too, which made my allergies flare up.  Breathing didn’t really happen.  But I know making myself uncomfortable on these days will help in the long run (literally).

Friday – Day off from running. And usually everything else too.  If it’s nice out, I go to the pool and swim laps during the ten minute adult swim times, but I generally take it easy this day.

Saturday – Cross-training day.  This means I either bike on my stationary bike while catching up on recorded television or I hit the bike trail and bike for a while.  Still works my legs, but isn’t the pounding of running.

Sunday – Long run day.  Right now I’m still building up, so I walk a mile first, then run for a while, then walk a mile to cool down.  This is awesome because I would never build in walking time like that, but my workout plan tells me to. So I walk to the bike path (exactly a mile from my house) then I run out and back on the trail, then walk home.  It warms my muscles up and cools them down by the time I get home.  I’m up to a little over four miles running now, but this will get up to over ten miles by the end of the summer.

And there you have it, if you’re still reading.  Happy trails!


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