Goals for Summer

Alright, this is a straight-forward post.  Yesterday was my first official day of summer and it was awesome.  A little physical activity, a few errands, a little nap, and a lot of relaxing.  I have 56 more days of summer (I will never put a number on that again, it makes it sound so short!).  Check back for updates on my progress, but here are some things I hope to accomplish/plan to do:

– get the tree stump removed from my front yard

print tons of pictures from the last five years and update my collages and frames

soak up the sun… in Clarksville and at the pool

– stock up on school supplies for next school year

– cross at least two things off my bucket list (1 down, 1 to go!)

bring the Malone Foundation into the 21st century (website/Facebook)

– go to Oregon to see Brother’s family and explore the Pacific NW

– go through my old stuff at Mom’s house (and maybe help organize other stuff?)

see my little sister graduate from PA school

– work on lessons for next year (I mean… kinda?)

– spend time with my friends as much as I can and just RELAX!!

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