Reunions Weekend: 2011 Edition

Last weekend I had the chance to go back to college! It was the five-year celebration of when I technically graduated from UVA undergrad (even though I stayed an extra year for my master’s).  Many of my close group of friends were able to make the trek to Charlottesville, which was exciting because it had been two years since the last wedding in our group.  Six of us stayed in the dorms on Grounds, which was an experience.  I’d never lived in that area while at school, and man was it conveniently located!  A little chaotic to share one bathroom between us, especially when we were all on the same schedule, but we worked it out.

The weekend started with a reception at the President’s house to meet UVA’s new President.  Not only was that a nice gesture, but free food and drinks were included!  After that, we headed to our class of 2006 “Hoo-au”.  Maybe not the best name, but it was an Hawaiian-themed dinner with drinks.  We hung out there for hours and ran into a lot people from my first year dorm and other classes.  After that, we met up with the rest of our crew on the Corner and enjoyed a few more drinks while we (I) played cornhole and mingled some more.

Saturday we had a slow start, but then met up at our friend’s house who lives in Charlottesville for the most amazing brunch I think I’ve ever eaten.  Waffles and fruit and bacon and eggs and sausage and pancakes and mimosas (I passed)… heaven! Then we explored Grounds and commented on the changes.  In the evening was the official 2006 Dinner under the Stars.  It was in the amphitheater and was amazing.  Salmon, a great salad, chicken, bread, really good potatoes, etc.  Then the music started all over Grounds and we spent the rest of the night dancing, singing, and just having a good time.

In the morning, we met at Bodo’s for a traditional send-off breakfast and then all headed off in our various directions.  While seeing UVA and the random people we ran into was great, we all agreed that getting our group together and just having fun was the best part.  Like many of us said throughout the weekend, it was like a wedding that none of us had to plan and without one couple being busy/the center of attention all weekend.  We already can’t wait for 2016 and our 10-year reunion!


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