Travinia Italian Kitchen

Leesburg, VA

Tonight we tried out Travinia for the first time.  First, I have to warn you older folks who read this: it is very dimly lit!  We sat right by the kitchen (which has glass sides so you can see in!) which gave us enough light, but several other tables were using their cellphones to light their menus.  It appears a little stuffy when you first walk in (at least for my liking) but the dining area is more casual than the wine bar area.

As far as food goes, it was good… probably not excellent.  A fresh loaf of bread came out before the meal with an oil dipping plate.  The bread was good, but the dip was kind of plain and not nearly as good as Not Your Average Joe’s.  I had a Shrimp Alfredo Pizza, which sounded interesting to me.  It tasted great, but there was just a lot of alfredo/mozzarella cheese pooling in the middle since the plate was curved.  But I enjoyed it.  My boyfriend got the Homestyle Cannelloni, which he also thought was good.  It looked like enchiladas when it came out, as it was chicken stuffed in pasta with tomato sauce on top and around.

Overall, I liked the restaurant but it won’t be added into my regular rotation.  It was reasonably priced for formal Italian, which is too much for me to do on a regular basis.  It also confirmed my opinion that I don’t really like Italian restaurants because I don’t get the big pasta dishes (I can’t possibly eat that much) so I typically get pizza… but then I’d rather just go to a great pizza place, like Fire Works Pizza.  So I’m glad we went, but we probably won’t be going back for a while without specific reason.

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