PCB is the Place for Me!

Alright, so it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I have a few posts to write, but I’m going to start with my trip over Memorial Day weekend to visit my “little sister” in Panama City Beach, FL.  If you’ve never been, you should go.  And here’s why: Not only does this place look like Heaven, it feels like it.  Warm, sunny, laid-back but friendly, really everything you could want in a town.  We wasted no time hitting the beach and (you all will be happy to hear) I even used sunscreen!  That night we went out with some friends and had pina coladas.  I also had shrimp skewers and fries, yum!

Day two we had some errands to run.  The other goal (besides sun/beach) was for me to help my sister pack as she’s in the process of moving.  So we ran around, enjoying the sun but shopping and “being productive”.  That afternoon we even got in a run, which was a little hot for me, but I was proud of myself.  That night, we hit the pier and had to dodge the lines as the fishermen casted.  A little nerve-wracking, but really cool to see that environment.  Also on sister’s “bucket list” for PCB.  Check!

Then we went to an oyster bar and I got scallops and HUSHPUPPIES!!  More restaurants near me should serve these.  They’re delicious.  Then some packing and sleep.  Day three we were back on the beach:The goal was to get rid of those ugly tan lines, success! Then we headed out to Schooner’s, which was probably my favorite place we ate/drank.  Just a fun, beachy atmosphere.  It helped that a country artist was playing live music and we were on the back deck overlooking the beach.  They also shoot a cannon off at sunset every night, which was great.  I had crabcakes here to complete my seafood tour of PCB.  The day four was more beach and more packing until I had to leave.  Overall, a great trip and I approve of the town as a place for my sister to call home.  And by that, I mean I can’t wait to visit again! I’ll end with a sunset picture but if you want more pictures, check out Facebook… talk to you soon!


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