My babies are growing up so fast

August 2007 I walked into room 213 at the high school I currently work at.  It was day one of my teaching career and admittedly, I was nervous.  I don’t remember many specifics about that day, but I do remember telling myself as students poured into my room each period, “Relax, no matter how nervous you are, they are 10 times more nervous on their first day of high school.”

Fast forward four years to a rainy Saturday night in May.  Again, I find myself waiting for the students to come rushing toward me.  They are still excited and a little nervous, but now they are happy to see me (and they look a little nicer too).  It is prom night for my students, who are now seniors.  I can’t help but stop and look at them as they arrive, completely content with their lives.  Some have changed so much I am embarrassed when I have to ask their name to check them in.  Others are carbon copies of their former selves.

Today, I was at the grocery store by my house (not near our school) and I ran into a student.  We exchanged pleasantries as if we were long-time neighbors, not former teacher ad pupil.  He was shopping with his girl friend and looking very much a part of the adult world they are all going to officially enter in roughly a month.  These four years have flown by and it has truly been a privilege to play such a small role in the lives of these students.

All of the sudden, it feels like crunch time and any final wisdom I want to share with them, I better hurry up.  Because once they walk across the same stage I walked across 11 years ago, they will be gone.  And part of me hopes to never see them again, a sign of their success in life.  But for now, I’ll embrace my role as mother hen while I can and try to let them see how much they mean to me.  Other students will come and go, but these are the first and in many ways, the best.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dan
    May 16, 2011 @ 07:09:21

    11 years ago? 9 years ago. You’re scaring me.



  2. raysoffunshine
    May 16, 2011 @ 07:44:38

    Oh yeah, good call. I was thinking it would be 10 years in 2012, so minus one year would be 2011… but then I just put 11 years. Oops!



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