Shenandoah American Grill

Ashburn, VA

There’s a new upscale restaurant on Waxpool, so we had to try it out.  It’s located in a restaurant strip that has been the home of many failed restaurants.  This one is a brand new concept by two new restaurant owners.  It is American fare, but mainly southern flavors.  The first thing I noticed was the smell of cigar smoke filtering in from the cigar lounge located behind the bar.  Ugh.  Works for some people, not me.  When we were seated, I saw a pad of paper on the table with a checklist on it.  They have a made-to-order salad menu where you check off what exactly you want.  Again, I passed.

My first order choice was salmon, but they were out for the day.  Apparently the fresh shipment wasn’t so fresh and they sent it back.  Fair enough.  So I settled on the baby back ribs.  YUM!  There was a full rack of ribs (10) in a sweet bbq sauce, not too much, but just enough.  The side of straw fries was okay, not the best ever, but okay.  The other item we got were the braised short ribs.  They were good, not an item I’m familiar with, so honestly I have very little to say.  But they got rave reviews from the other side of the table.  Served with Mom’s Mashed, which were apparently good took.  Oh, but the chef dropped the first plate on the floor so we had to wait 10 minutes for them.

Final comments: there were biscuits before the meal that were delicious but nothing spectacular.  The ribs (both kinds) were the highlight and were delicious, worth going back for.  The value was decent for the style of restaurant.  I’d wait a few weeks for them to work out their kinks, then try it again.  Hope this helps!

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