I admit, I’m a workaholic

This past week was a fairly typical week for me at school.  I worked 56 hours this week, averaging a little more than 11 hours a day.  And I didn’t even think twice.  And that doesn’t even include the time spent outside of the school building working on school items.  I had three meetings before school, worked three sporting events after school, and of course taught my regular classes.  Today I spent three hours prepping for next year (yes, already).

I enjoy my job, I really do.  I like to go to sports and the meetings are necessary.  I don’t even mind working on the weekends occasionally.  Hell, I’m even in the process of researching online master’s programs so I can make a little more money, learn more about history, and possibly teach college on the side.  None of this bothers me in the slightest, I’m just not always sure that it’s normal to enjoy my job so much, but I’m certainly not complaining.

In other news, I have FINALLY worked my schedule out so I can visit my little sister in Florida in a few weeks and I cannot wait!!  I was supposed to go several other times, but it never worked out.  Fun, sun, and time with one of my best friends… what could be better?  I’m still working on summer plans, but I do know now that I’ll be attending a conference in Richmond to work on the Virginia Standards of Learning (work again, surprising, I know).  This is the same conference I participated in last year.  But the rest of my summer is up in the air… suggestions welcome!


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  1. Susan Oliver
    May 09, 2011 @ 16:47:58

    I disagree. A workoholic is an inefficient person who stays at work when there is nothing left to do, or brings work home that could/should be completed at work. What you are is an amazing educator who is passionate about teaching, dedicated to doing the best job possible, intent on helping each student reach his/her potential by whatever means possible (no matter how much of your personal time/effort that takes to accomplish.) I am SO proud of you!! 🙂



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