Take a break… and get busy

This week is Spring Break at school.  It is FINALLY here!!  After six long weeks of late winter/early spring, I am glad to have a chance to relax.  However, my to do list for this week has gotten quite long.  So I have a lot to do.  This weekend I’ve crossed off most of the shopping items on my list 🙂  But I also organized my calendar for the spring/summer and managed my bills.

The biggest challenge of the week is tackling the disaster that is my yard.  I’ve been in my townhouse for two years.  My front and back yards are both covered in crabgrass, clovers, and weeds.  Awesome.  I plan to put the Turf Builder Plus down this week and start the process of killing the weeds and growing the grass.  I’m also thinking about ripping out the shrubs/bushes in the front and taking out the red stones they’re in.  Maybe replacing them with mulch and plants/flowers.  We’ll see how ambitious I feel.

The other major project for the week is my office.  I’ve just been throwing important papers, craft projects, files, etc. in that room for two years.  It’s time to go through that mess.  I started pulling stuff out on Friday and my first pleasant surprise was finding a box of OLD computer games like Number Munchers, Jeopardy, Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego, etc.  So I’ve copied them from the floppy disks onto a CD.  YAY!

That’s all for now, but I’ll update you as the week progresses… maybe with pictures if it actually looks better by the end.  Happy Spring!!


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