Sugar and Shows – NYC

Last weekend I went to New York City with my extended family.  The first adventure was taking the DC2NY bus from the Vienna Metro Station.  It was actually fun!  We had a movie, Wifi, cup holders in the seats, etc.  Very comfortable and efficient.  We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel, like I did in August when I was last up there.

The highlights for me were the nights and the shows we went to.  Friday night we saw Spiderman the Musical.  They were still in preview, but it was visually incredible!  The flying sequences and digital backdrops were fantastic.  The voices of the leads were okay, I didn’t really like the male lead’s voice… they weren’t big Broadway booming voices, but they were good. Saturday night we went to see Bengal Tiger in a Baghdad Zoo, which was a play starring Robin Williams as the Tiger.  This was a very deep story about the psychology of warfare.  While not the most comical piece, it was extremely well done.

During the days, the theme was sugar. And lots of it.  My cousin wanted to go to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ to see the home of the Cake Boss.  We waited in line for two hours.  It was insane. And SO cold!  But way worth it.  Read about the food in my last post!  Then we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar and saw more sugar in one place than I’ve ever seen before.  This was incredible.  All kinds of candy everywhere, in bright colors and multiple flavors.

All in all, it was a great trip.  I’m a little NYC’d out for a while, because cities aren’t really my thing.  But I had fun.  Now it’s time to settle back into work for a change… but Spring Break is only two weeks away!


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