Carlo’s Bakery

Hoboken, NJ

Last week my family ventured to New York City, but my cousin and aunt wanted to detour to Hoboken to go to the famed Carlo’s Bakery.  This is where “Cake Boss” on TLC is filmed starring Buddy as the head chef.  I’ll give more details of our adventure in my NYC post this weekend, but first: the food!

We sampled several “must haves” from Carlo’s and got a few of our staple favorite sweets as well to compare them.  I have to say that hands-down the best thing I ate were the cannolis.  This is a crispy shell filled with a creamy filling with mini chocolate chips mixed in.  I could’ve eaten a dozen, easily.  We also tried the famous Lobster Tails, which are essentially a flaky, croissant-like pastry with a slightly different creme filling.  These were good, but the filling wasn’t my favorite.  Just a personal flavor preference.

Then came the favorites: dark chocolate covered strawberries.  Amazing!  The strawberries were huge to start with, then the chocolate was absolutely perfect.  Finally, I had a red velvet cupcake with cheesecake frosting, which was super moist.  The frosting was less sugary and more sweet, yum!

This place is absolutely worth it and was a great adventure, but for future reference: order a cake a week before you know you’re going.  That way you can skip the two-hour line in freezing 40 degree weather and go right in!

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