Fresh & Organic

Ashburn, VA

This little, family owned business almost slipped my mind because it was a snow day and we just ran in to grab a quick bite of lunch, then headed off on our adventures.  We decided to try this place since it’s close and organic.  Would it really taste better?  Would it be worth the slightly inflated prices?  Overwhelming answer: yes!!

I had the Jambon Ham & Swiss Sandwich on the honey wheat bagel.  It was amazing, truly.  The ham and Swiss were alternated on the sandwich in layers.  Which was an interesting and nice touch, really balanced the flavors out.  It came with an organic chocolate chip cookie, which was good.  A little crisp for my taste, but I like them gooey.

My friend had… you know what, I have no idea.  But it was some kind of breakfast sandwich I’m sure.  I know he thought it was good!  We also decided to split a Nutella and banana sandwich for a snack.  My friend had never had Nutella before and this sandwich did one of God’s greatest creations justice.  Heaven squished between two slices of bread.

I will definitely go back to this cute little hidden treasure and I recommend that you try it out!


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