Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Reston, VA

Tonight we went out to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday.  He wanted to go to Carrabba’s.  I had never been there.  It seemed like a great idea, and it was!  Our waiter was very friendly and super cute (it was his first day “alone” on the job after completing his training).  We munched on fresh bread that could be dipped in an oil and spices dip.  This was good, but not as good as Not Your Average Joe’s because it lacked the Parmesan cheese in it that I love.

Everything looked so good, so we decided to order an appetizer to stall our dinner selections a little bit.   The calamari was lightly battered with a little bit of a kick in it, just enough to add flavor without overwhelming the seafood inside.  A nice touch was that the appetizer was available in two sizes for two different prices, so we could get the small order and not completely stuff ourselves before the main dish.   I would absolutely recommend the calamari and get both sauces to dip into.

For the main course, my eating companion got the lasagna.  It came in a huge portion and was covered in marinara sauce.  That’s gross to me, but he liked it.  There was plenty of meat and cheese inside the layers and it was nice and warm when it got to the table.  As for me, I got the brick oven pizza, pepperoni with no tomato sauce.  I can’t resist the plain and simple and I like to compare it to others.  The crust was thin, but not super crispy like a tortilla which I don’t like about some brick oven pizza.  Another favorite moment of the evening was when they brought around a Parmesan cheese grinder to add some on top of our meals.  The best.

We passed on dessert (grabbed Cheesecake Factory for the birthday boy on the way home), but they had mini-desserts that looked good.  All-in-all, one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve eaten at, and definitely the best in a while!


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