Superbowl Superlatives

First, I guess I should talk about the football.  All I wanted was the Steelers to lose (sorry Heath Miller) because their fans, at least around NOVA are obnoxious.  Rodgers played a good game though and is just a cute “young man” so I was happy to see him succeed.  I also learned that the Steelers’ “Terrible Towels” are produced in Wisconsin, which just made me laugh.

Second, I want to talk about halftime.  I’m a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, but they sounded TERRIBLE live.  Not only were their voices just not that good, but the sound people were not doing them any favors by missing the transitions from one lead singer to another.  Adding Usher to the middle of their mash-up was an unexpected and amazing touch.  There are few people in the world I’d kill to meet before Usher… if any.  The light costumes were very Olympics opening ceremony, which those of you who know me know that I LOVE.  Overall, thumbs up on halftime, I was entertained.

Finally, the real business of the Superbowl: the commercials!  I have to admit that as a whole, I was disappointed.  I liked five of them, but most are not even worth mentioning because they left no impression.  There were too many Fox TV ads and movie trailers.  Cop-out.  Clearly you need to lower the price on ads if no one else is buying them.  I’m just saying.  But for the commercials that were included, I’ll start with my least favorite.  Budweiser/Bud light.  Any of them.  The western scene that ends with “Tiny Dancer”… really? So painful to watch.  The medieval movie scene where they used Bud Light as product placement… ugh.

The good ones, or at least the ones I enjoyed the most are as follows.  I have to agree with everyone else in the world that the VW ad with the little Darth Vader was adorable.  I loved the twist the Camaro commercial put in at the end when they were brainstorming the perfect scene and at the end the sexy, skilled driver pulls into an elementary school and was really a teacher.  Bridgestone’s “reply all” commercial was hilarious and I think I liked because I can see that actually happening at my job.  I also laughed at several Doritos ads, my favorite of which was the first one where the co-worker asks for Doritos and the bag is empty.  So he just starts licking the employee’s cheesy fingers.  Awesome.  The last commercial that deserves recognition was a little weird… but the Mini ad with the “cram it in the boot” game show. So funny and so wrong all at once… which also serves to sum up Superbowl Sunday.

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