Cure for the Common Cabin Fever

What is the best way to cure cabin fever?  Embrace the snowy weather and hit the slopes!  That’s exactly what I did this past weekend with seven others suffering from cabin fever.  We headed up to Wintergreen for a relaxing and fun weekend.


After a late night filled with Take-Off (one of the greatest games of all time), we were up early and greeted with this snowy scene.  After getting our gear, we hit the slopes.  Our plan was to ski until noon, then break for lunch.  But we were having so much fun and conditions were perfect, so we quickly ditched that idea and just stayed on the slopes.

A highlight of the day was that two of my friends conquered a black diamond slope, Big Acorn, for the very first time!  Like I said, conditions were perfect and the slopes were not crowded… but still, they both got all the way down without falling.  We made them wait until the next run to take this picture to make sure it was legit.

That night, we passed on going out to dinner so we could have more time to play games.  Settlers of Catan played in teams somehow managed to hold everyone’s attention for over three hours and was followed by an exciting game of Peanuts.  Playing with six people for the first time was a little overwhelming, but I quickly settled back into the groove of the game and won!

Sunday morning we woke up to bright sunshine and headed out for our tubing session.  After waiting for a few minutes and figuring out our strategies, we were off.The next two hours were a stream of competitions: longest slide, fastest start time, who could get all the way to the fence, most snowballs thrown while sliding, etc.  An exhausted group packed up after tubing and made it home safely.  I can’t wait for next year already.  See my album on Facebook for the rest of the pictures.


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