Let it Snow! and Where to Go?

So far this week I have had our last exam day.  Which means I had kids in my room from 11:30-1:30 and planning the rest of the day.  Then a teacher workday.  Then TWO snow days!  So I basically have a one day work week.  Then I’m jumping in the car and heading off to Wintergreen for a ski weekend with some of my favorite college friends!  I’ve done laundry, packed, finished grading papers, watched movies, slept in… really everything one could hope for on a snow day.

The only downside to this snow is that our last regular season gymnastics meet was canceled.  There were several girls that needed one more meet to qualify for Regionals.   Some of my seniors wanted one more chance to compete the events they won’t do at Districts next week as well.  And the other meet in our district was on Tuesday night, so they got theirs in.  Bummer.  But other than that, bring on the snow!!

As far as where to go, I’ve spent a good deal of time working on my spring and summer schedules over the last two days.  I love traveling, almost more than anything in the world.  There is still a lot up in the air, but for the spring I’m looking at Tampa, Panama City, Cleveland, New York, Richmond, and Charlottesville… more details to come once I nail down dates and plans.

This summer, I have applied for two teacher fellowships that are all-expenses paid trips for teachers to learn more about different areas of the world and hopefully bring what they learn back to their classrooms and their fellow teachers.  I won’t know if I am accepted into either until March, but could potentially be going to Barbados and/or Japan this summer!  The programs are at different times, so I could do both but I think it is highly unlikely that I will be accepted to one, much less both.

Another teacher in our building is leading a student trip to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Hawaii this summer and may need me as an extra chaperone so that’s a possibility.  But it overlaps with Japan, which is a higher priority for me this summer.  Finally, my brother and sister-in-law are going to be in Oregon later in the summer and I may try to join them for part and head south to see the Redwood forest as well.  Which could run into a Vegas trip while I’m out there… we’ll just have to see!

Alright, that’s it for now!  Just wanted to throw these plans/ideas out there in case anyone wants to join or has other suggestions.  Like I said, it’ll be a little while before I know for sure, but I’ll keep you posted.  Happy Snow Day!!

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  1. Jane Schwalm
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 15:45:24

    If you are going to WG, try Blue Ridge Brewery. I believe it is in Afton.



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