November, where did you go?

I’m not entirely sure how we got from November 7th at Coney Island Diner to November 20th, but it sure was fast.  I’ve been busy getting ready for gymnastics season at school.  I head coach our team and am excited for another year.  We’ll see how the season goes and I’ll be sure to update, but for now I’m just happy to have a team.  An added bonus for this season is that eight of my ten girls have been on my team before, so they already have routines to start working with as well as a familiarity with how I conduct practice.  However, this morning I added up the minutes they were late (2 for this girl, 5 for that girl, etc.) and made them run the total, which was over 20 minutes.  So I’m not sure they’re too happy with me, but they need the conditioning.

In other fitness news, I finally got back on a scale about two weeks ago and learned that since I finished my triathlon (Well folks, I did it) in late June, I have gained almost 15 pounds.  Obviously I’ve had a lot going on that has prevented me from really working out, but I am trying desperately to get back in shape.  Working 13 hour days isn’t helping currently, but things should settle down again in December.  I just need to incorporate physical activity into keeping up with my friends so I don’t have to choose between seeing them and working out in my free time.  We’ll see how that goes.

Alright, it’s past my bedtime for tonight because tomorrow I leave with my mom for Canada to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and month-old niece!  I’ll have plenty of updates when I return, but happy Thanksgiving to everyone back here in the states!


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