Buffalo Wings & Beer

Leesburg, VA

A new wing place in town? We had to check it out.  I’ll start with the good: 20+ television screens all showing sports.  When we wanted a different game, they’d change it (eventually).  The wings were also quite good and reasonably priced.  All 5 of us ordered at least a pound (either 7 or 8 wings) and got different sauces.  Most sauces are standard, but some have interesting names, which in a mature group like mine, were entertaining 🙂 You can even mix-and-match the sauces to get combinations like Old Bay and BBQ or Honey and Garlic.  The cheese fries and garlic fries were also delicious as sides, although the plate is really bigger than the basket (even though the basket is more expensive).  Beer was served in slightly concave cylinders, which were unique and interesting.  Oh, and there were four billards tables, $1.50 per game.

So what were the not-so-great things?  The wait staff was new, which is understandable and wasn’t very on top of empty glasses.  The wings tended to be on the not-so-spicy side, so order hotter than you think you want.  And the biggest complaint?  Splitting the check at the end of the night took 20 minutes, 5 employees, 1 computer, and a calculator.  By that time, we were ready to go and it wasn’t happening fast.  BUT probably the biggest surprise, which I saved for last, was the “fried fantasy” dessert options.  We got an order of fried Oreos and fried Snickers.  AMAZING.  They also have fried Twinkies, which we stayed away from.

All-in-all, it exceeded expectations on being your average wing place.  I’d go again for sure!


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