Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co.

Nelson County, VA (Wintergreen)

Our experience started when we called ahead and were told there was no wait and we’d be fine.  Then we arrived 30 minutes later to find out there was now a 30 minute wait.  Boo.  This wait turned into 45 minutes so we were STARVING by the time we were seated.  Disappointment #2 came when I asked about the “fresh made” root beer listed on their online menu.  The response: we do make our own root beer… but we don’t have any right now.  Ugh.

When we finally DID get our food, it was okay.  I had a chicken/cheese pita sandwich that was good but not great.  It came with fries, which were decent.  My dining partner had the meatloaf, which was “not as good as my mom’s” and later deemed to be too dry.  The Wintergreen Weiss beer was actually quite good though.  So our general impression was that service was slow and not great.  And the food didn’t make up for it.

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