Football and Fantasies

I love football. Particularly college football.  I’m always pulling for UVA (obviously) but let’s be honest, I have to have bigger teams to cheer for.  Texas is always up there.  It always will be.  This season Alabama has faded for me, I’m interested… but not in love.  I’m curious to follow Michigan State and TCU as the season continues.  Really just anyone but Virginia Tech, right?

College football wasn’t meant to be the topic of this blog, professional football was.  This season I’ve been getting into the NFL even more than in the past.  I’ve sort of taken over a fantasy team, which has been great because someone who knew what they were doing started the team and advises me, but I’m learning the process of the game.  So far I’m 3-2 and in third place after a crushing 4.5 point loss to the number one team this past week.  I have some cuts to make this week and obviously a lot to learn… specifically about individual players.  I know my team, but I need to know my options so I can make good choices when it comes to adding to my roster.  There’s a lot to learn…

The final transition of this blog is to the great things happening so far in October.  I’m just really happy where I am right now and love the challenges that lie ahead.  Some of them, as teasers for future blogs, are becoming an aunt, working with a new assistant gymnastics coach, and serving on a faculty selection council at school.  Non-challenging but exciting future events include: UVA football vs. EMU, a potential game night, and in the distant-but-approaching future: my birthday!  Happy Autumn everyone and I’ll write to you soon 🙂


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