Life as I know it

It’s been over three weeks.  I know and I’m sorry.  Granted you all have probably been too busy with the end of summer and the start of fall to notice 🙂  So, school has started and I love my kids.  This year I have all freshmen. 148 freshmen, to be exact. I teach five classes; two are academic and three are “pre-AP”, which is kind of like honors but with the added goal of preparing the kids for Advanced Placement history courses in future years.  The kids are so little and still excited to be in school, so I try to take advantage of that while I can.

I will also be coaching gymnastics again this winter and have already started working out the schedule and rounding up my girls.  I’ve designed our leotards and am working on spirit wear and practice schedules.  In other news, I’m tutoring one of my favorite former students two afternoons a week.  She’s a senior this year, but had back surgery at the beginning of school.  I’m tutoring her in Statistics and AP Government.  Which pretty much means I’m relearning both of those subjects.  But it’s kind of fun and will be a nice little addition to my paycheck as well!  There are a few other opportunities relating to school that might be coming up in the next few months, but I’ll wait to share that info when it’s definite.

The little bit of my free time I have, I spend with Mom.  She’s doing much better and we’ve settled into a routine.  I come over after school and we chat for a little bit while I have a snack.  Then we play a new card game, Peanuts, that her friend Jane taught us.  It’s along the lines of Double Solitaire and is actually really fun. Then we make dinner and watch Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy.  Then I head back home and crash for another day.  Oh, and recently I’ve been squeezing in trivia on Wednesdays, but I’ll be honest…. I pretty much sit there and chat while everyone else answers the questions.  Seemingly useless knowledge is not my specialty.  I’m waiting for the week one of the categories is “gymnastics” or “ancient world history”.  But I won’t hold my breath…

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