Calm before the storm

School has started!  It’s chaotic for sure, but amazing to see all my students again and meet my new little guys.  More on “the storm” later, I promise.  But first, I need to tell you about the most relaxing weekend of my summer.  It was awesome.  So the last week of August, four of us jumped in the car and drove down to White Sulphur Springs, WV.  For those of you that don’t know, this town is the home of The Greenbrier Resort.  It is AMAZING!  We stayed at the parents’ house of one of the guys with us.  We rolled up after dark and when we got out, the four of us stood in the driveway and just listened to the silence.

The next two days were spent on the golf course.  The gang played three rounds of golf, including the course that was just used on the PGA Tour.  So if you know me, you’re probably wondering what the heck I did while they all played golf.  The answer is simple: I drove the golf cart!  The weather was gorgeous, like in the 80s, and I had no cares in the world.  My job was to drive the cart, keep score, and lighten the mood when the golfers got stressed.  The courses were really fun for me to see and it was interesting to see the changes they had to make for the tournament.

We also went to the Greenbrier Casino to check it out on Saturday night.  It was fun to people-watch and we observed that there were tons of pregnant women everywhere (weird!).  While the boys played Blackjack, the girls tried our luck at the penny slots.  My first machine was terrible and princess-themed, so I moved along to an American Classic machine.  It had sweet bonus spins and I ended up leaving $20 up!

Oh, one last thing that was awesome about the weekend: the food was endless.  Our lovely hosts made shrimp pasta, steaks, rolls, bacon, pancakes, etc.  It was like heaven.  I feel like I ate, slept, and drove golf carts for the whole weekend.  It was the perfect way to end the summer and relax before the start of school.  Happy September everyone!

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  1. Matt
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 11:46:58

    Golf, gambling, and grub? Yeah, that sounds like a pretty sweet way to wrap up the summer. Hope school is going well. It is for me–so far, at least.



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