And so it begins…

Last weekend I had the privilege of reading in one of my best high school friends’ wedding.  To be able to witness someone I love marry the man of their dreams and begin a life together was amazing.  It was a Catholic ceremony in a gorgeous church outside Philadelphia.  There were more family members than you could count and a number of friends.  Everyone had an amazing time and partied the weekend away.

A bigger beginning of this past week was the start of teacher workdays, which signifies the start of another school year.  I’m returning for my fourth year of teaching at my high school and could not be more excited for it to begin!  Granted, so far we’ve been in meetings both days to work on our “school improvement plan”, but it should get better.  I love this time of year because we don’t have students yet, so we are all more laid-back and fun.  My department in particular enjoys a lot of laughs before some of us start to get bogged down with grading, planning, and parents.

I’ll be teaching all freshmen all the time this year, ranging from general/academic to honor/pre-AP levels.  I will not be team teaching with a special education teacher in any of my classes this year, but expect to have some challenges.  One of the things I love the most about my job, particularly the fact that I teach freshmen, is that I get to watch them morph and change from middle school children to high school young adults.  I will have the chance to meet my students next Thursday when they come for orientation and I cannot wait!  On the other end of that spectrum, the freshmen I taught my first year of teaching will be seniors this year and I am also really excited to watch them take leadership roles and go through the college application process.  Here’s to new beginnings!


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