Big Apple Adventures

This past weekend I set off to explore New York City.  My three goals for the trip were: relax, explore, and enjoy.  All of these were EASILY achieved and I left actually wanting to go back (I’m not a huge city fan).  My travel companion and I took the train up and stayed at the Roosevelt hotel on the corner of 45th and Madison.  A distant relative works there and got us an excellent rate.  The excitement started as soon as we arrived because Madison Ave was closed off right in front of us for a street market.  I did buy a bracelet, but really wanted a purse… oh well, item #1 on my to do list for next time.

Then we wandered around Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the rest of Midtown taking in the sites.  This was just a lazy afternoon that was super relaxing.  We ended up at Times Square at night and I wanted to eat on the second floor somewhere to people watch while we ate.  Bubba Gump Shrimp was our best option, especially because it started to pour rain.  Seafood is amazing, always.  I’ve officially decided if I had to pick one genre of food to eat for dinner for the rest of my life, it would be seafood.  Sidenote:  if I had to choose one specific food, it would be chicken because of the vast number of ways it can be prepared.

Day two: Another overcast day, but we headed up to Central Park.  This is an area of the city I haven’t spent a ton of time, so we took a while to stroll through the different sections.  We started in the middle and worked our way south (the northern section is item #2 on the to do list).  After a loooooonnnnng morning stroll, we hit Grand Central Station for lunch and wandered through the food market.  If I lived in NYC, I would be all about buying meat there… heaven.  Then the big event, Yankees vs. Tigers at Yankee Stadium.  We got there super early to check out Monument Park and the museum inside the stadium.  Yankees fans are intense, can I just say?  There were TONS of people there before the gates even opened.  However, everyone before and during the game was surprisingly well-behaved.

After the game we headed back to the hotel, as it was quite late, and passed out.  The next morning was an early one because we had to catch the train.  Then it was homeward bound.   Another successful weekend getaway in the grand old US of A… that was not supposed to rhyme, sorry.  This coming weekend I’m off to Philly for a high school friend’s wedding, enjoy the last few days of summer!


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