Things are Winding Down

It’s been a while since my last post, mainly because I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t had the chance to sit down and write.  The biggest news of this month was that my father passed away.  Several previous posts have alluded to the fact that he was sick with cancer and, unfortunately, he is no longer with us.  My family is doing okay, there’s just a lot to do.  And it’s still kind of weird to me that he’s not just on vacation or in the other room.  All of which I’ll get used to, I know.

As far as summer goes, it hit me this week, as I’ve run into my students three or four times, that summer will soon be over.  Football is starting to consume the minutes of Sportscenter again (yay!) and work e-mails are accumulating in my inbox.  Supplies are on sale everywhere and families are returning from vacations.

I think I’m ready for school to begin.  Or rather, I’m ready for a routine again.  I do better when I know that I’ll be working certain hours, eating certain meals, and fitting in workouts, friends, and family around that.  And I do actually miss my job, or at least my co-workers and my students.  I can’t wait to see who I’ll be teaching this year and what my schedule is like.  I feel almost like a kid again as I wait with anticipation.

Because this summer has been on the hectic side, I will be taking advantage of the last few weekends in August and venturing out on short trips in the surrounding states.  I can’t wait to relax and get away for a little bit before really settling into school.  But for now, I’m just excited to get in my bed and sleep with no alarm set.  Night!


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