Hot, Humid, and Historical

As promised, here’s a description of my trip to Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA.  I flew to ATL and met up with one of my college roommates.  After an uneventful drive to Charleston, along which we noticed the exclusive food options are Ruby Tuesday, Cracker Barrel, Wendy’s, and Subway, we arrived!  A co-worker’s mother graciously let us stay in her house, which is across a gorgeous bridge from Charleston in Mount Pleasant.  One night we walked around the neighborhood and each picked out at least five homes we’d be completely content to live in for the rest of our lives.

The weather played a factor in our activities,as it was over 100 daily and humidity was extremely high.  We did manage to walk the entire length of Museum Mile in downtown Charleston, although I will admit that we didn’t go in many of the old houses due to a $10/per house fee for most. We did enjoy several interesting restaurants while there, including the quaint Poogan’s Porch in downtown and RJ’s Restaurant on an inlet in Mt. Pleasant, which was especially great because we sat in a swinging cabana and could watch the boat come and go.  And they served hushpuppies.  For lunch one day, we had Firehouse Subs, which took me back to college when I frequently visited Clemson University.

We also got in our fair share of historical adventures in Mt. Pleasant.  We explored an aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown, with it’s accompanying submarine.  Both gave me better ideas of how soldiers live when overseas and I have even more respect for them after seeing how cramped their lives are for months at a time.  We also took a ferry to Fort Sumter, which is the site of the first battle (and death) of the Civil War.  The fort itself was less than impressive, but the stories were great (too bad I don’t teach U.S. History)!  Our last historical stop was Boone Hall Plantation, the oldest working plantation in the country, which at one time was the leading producer of bricks and then pecans (pee-cans in the south) in the world.

Our trip back to Atlanta included a 45 minute detour to avoid a burning truck and a trip to Red Robin, my friend’s favorite restaurant.  Then I spent the night with my friend and her boyfriend (another former roommate) in their Atlanta apartment/condo, which is really cute.  They also have a dog, which had gotten much bigger than I anticipated but was still cute.  We played a game, I passed out, and in the morning took the MARTA to the airport and was homeward bound.  All in all, I had a great time in the “dirty south”, but I will probably avoid going in late July in the future.  Have a great week everyone!

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