Jack of all Trades

In an earlier blog I confirmed my desire to be anything but a nurse “when I grow up”, which I determined by helping my parents.  However, I have found that I am an excellent personal assistant, yard woman, organizer, technological guru, etc.  Basically, I’m the intern of my household.  The go-to person for odd-jobs, random errands, and general entertainment.  I enjoy this type of role, and to better explain my “summer job”, let me describe my day today.

This morning started with three hours of tasks on the internet, which ranged from balancing my finances to making a to-do list for myself.  Then I checked in with my family, took a quick shower, ran by the post office, and ended up at my parents’ house around noon.  Within five minutes of arriving I was on the phone with my aunt discussing weekend plans, which was followed by several phone calls with medical personal all checking in on dad.  While brother ran and mom was at lunch, my sister-in-law and I chatted and went through coupons.

When brother returned, we fixed lunch and started playing a game (entertainment).  Then mom returned, we all chatted, a nurse stopped by to help with dad so my siblings went to do that while I talked with mom to keep her busy and hear about the past few days (I was in South Carolina, more on that next post).  After the nurse left, we went back to the game while mom rested.  Next up was an outdoor task, chain-sawing a fallen tree.  While I sawed, the other younger members of my family dragged the pieces into the woods. 

Once that was done and we cooled off, sister-in-law was off to yoga and brother relaxed in his room while mom and I worked on some paperwork on the computer.  She was narrating and I was typing/editing.  We also viewed some pictures and talked through some other issues while we were there.  I should note, which you’ve probably gathered by now, that our whole family is running around doing lots of things, not just me.  I just talk about my own experiences for this blog.  After finishing up on the computer, I headed out.  A quick glance at my to-do from this morning shows that three of my twelve items were accomplished… looks like a busy day tomorrow 🙂


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