Nothin’s sweeter than summer time

It’s been a while, I know and I’m sorry.  The last few weeks I’ve been settling in to a summer routine of sorts. Wake up, do some exercise (typically yoga, an aerobics class, or swimming laps), then I head over to my parents for lunch and stay as long as I’m helpful.  After that, I head home to get some things done around my house and head out with friends in the evening.  It’s nice to have enough to do to keep me from getting bored but not too much that I feel stressed.

My favorite parts of the summer are days like yesterday.  I should first mention that my brother and his wife are visiting for the summer and are staying with my parents, so when I go over it’s to see all four members of my family.  So yesterday, I spent the morning watching the Tour de France with my Dad and chatting with my Mom.  Then we had a light lunch and they took naps.  While they were sleeping, the younger generation played a new game (well, new for me).  After a while, Dad and Mom woke up and wanted to watch pictures.  So we spent the next few hours laughing at images of our former selves.  This time we watched my second year of life, back when I was a cute little girl and Brother was my mischievous older sibling.

In the evening, a bunch of my friends went bowling.  This wasn’t just our typical night of bowling, we were there to learn and improve our skills.  We recruited the help of my teammates’ father and hit the lanes.  After four games of instruction and experimentation, I think I actually have improved! The boys on my bowling team were working hard to keep up, and I guess Wednesday will be the big test.  Speaking of bowling league, I have improved my average over 5 pins in the last three weeks.  This past week our team won 16-4 and has moved up in the standings!

That’s all for now, it’s time to move on to my next project.  I hope summer time is as relaxing and enjoyable for all of you!


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