I work hard for the money

This week I have significantly slowed my pace down from the weekend.  I’m serving on an SOL Test review board at a conference Monday to Thursday.  It has actually been really interesting to learn the whole process of developing these tests and while I can’t go into content detail, I can tell you what we’ve been doing.  Monday we review items that students saw this past spring on the SOL test, but were test items and didn’t count toward their passing score.  We were given statistics that showed how students performed and then had to vote on whether or not the question was legit and should be used on the actual test in the future.

After that, we looked at new test items that have been developed, but never seen by students.  Again, we had to vote to accept, change, or reject these questions (all 334 of them).  Finally, we looked at tests as a whole to check that all contents were being covered, they were equally difficult, and no questions gave hints of answers for other questions.  Now, we’re working on some new guidelines to help with standards that were added recently.

That was the boring part of this week, the awesome part was the free breakfast, snacks, and lunch which have been Chinese, fresh fruit, deluxe grilled cheese, seafood, etc.  All of which is all-you-can-eat and we get a large dinner stipend to eat wherever we choose.  There is also a pool, king-sized bed, and gorgeous scenery.  We are also being paid for four “8-hour” days, of which we’ve ended early twice, and we get an hour for lunch break… so it works out to me making about $22/hour.  Amazing!

That being said, while I’ve enjoyed this experience and learned a lot, I’ve also been bored in the evenings and am glad that my normal job doesn’t require me to live out of a suitcase in hotels by myself.  I’m ready to go home when we finish up tomorrow and sleep in my own bed.


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