Well folks, I did it

I am going to try my best to keep this short, but no promises.  The Cliff Notes version for those of you who aren’t really all that interested is: I finished, I wasn’t last, and I beat my goal of 2:15 by finishing in 2:12:40!  Now, for those of you who care for details, here we go:

I got up at Wintergreen at 4:30am, arrived at Walnut Creek Park in Charlottesville at 5:45am, and got all set up in the transition area (which means I set up my bike, laid out my clothes, and stretched).  At 7:15am we all reported to the beach for some last minute instructions.  I was to go off in the second group (20-29 year old females) which would start 4 minutes after the first group.  After the men started, we all swam into the water to the starting line where we met our first surprise: we couldn’t touch the bottom.  So we all started to tread water, for two minutes, which was a great way to relax before the race…

When the horn sounded, we were off!  I stayed toward the back of the pack to avoid any underwater “cage fighting” and stuck with another girl the whole time.  Only a few males from the group behind me passed me and I was ahead of about 9 girls from my group of 45.  My swim time was definitely slower because I had to keep checking where I was going, so my strokes were not as fluid as they are when I’m just in a pool lap lane.  Out of the water and up the hill to the transition area where I quickly threw on my clothes, shoes, and helmet and walked my bike out to the start of the next section of the race.

You all should know that the bike course was hilly, like twisty/windy road that was constantly changing.  There was a flat(ish) section in the middle where I could choke down a peanut bar and I drank water the whole time.  The best part was that the course was in the shade (high temps in upper 90s that day).  This was brutal and I was being passed the whole time by the faster 30-39 year-olds who started after me, but I expected that and tried to keep my average speed constant.  It also helped that I had driven the course on Saturday and knew what to expect, including the downhill last 1/2 mile (thank goodness!)

As I coasted back into the transition area, all I had to do was ditch my bike/helmet and grab my watch.  See below for my impressive time 🙂  Then it was off on the trail, which was in the woods and full of trees and roots.  It was also hilly.  Thank goodness for the water/Gatorade station we passed at the 1/2 mile and 2 mile mark because other than that we were alone in the woods with our pain.  At this point my calves were burning anytime the slope was uphill even a little bit but I knew I was on pace to beat my goal, so I kept “running” (which at times was a jog, but never a walk).  Finally, a small child (probably 10) standing in a field said “you’re almost there, turn left at the tree and it’s all down hill from there”.  I wanted to hug him, but instead smiled and said thanks.  Then, I was crossing the finish line!  The first thing I did was go to the transition area to get my shoes off and into my flip flops, then I hit up the hospitality tent for cold water, a banana, and Oreos (at least that’s what I chose out of the selection of food there).

Alright, that’s more than enough for now, so here’s my official times (places out of the 112 women that participated, so not including the almost 200 men):

Swim 14:15 (87th)
1st transition 2:29 (76th)
Bike 1:18:03 (93rd)
2nd transition 0:32 (3rd!)
Run 37:22 (89th)

Total: 2:12:40 (91st)

For those of you that want full info/results you can go to http://www.cvilletriathlete.com/race_center/sprint.aspx

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