Ready or Not…

I have two workouts left before my sprint triathlon.  Tomorrow I bike and run, then Thursday I swim.  Friday/Saturday I rest and Sunday, away I go.  Am I nervous?  Of course!  I was confident in my ability to finish until I read a triathlon site that evaluated my course as “Difficult”.  Awesome.  But after getting several e-mails from the race directors I have learned that the lake is warm enough to swim in without a wet suit and we will be going off in groups, not all 250 racers at once.  This greatly increases my chance of survival.

What I’m most nervous about is the technical part of the race.  Specifically, will my goggles hold up?  Will I stage my bike correctly?  How fast can I transition from swim to bike and then bike to run?  Will I be warm enough?  Are my dry-fit clothes the right ones for me?  Will I be able to tolerate over an hour of riding on my Dad’s road bike?  Just to name a few, of course 🙂

Okay, to recap from the start of this process, here are my goals (in order of importance):

1. Finish the course.

2. Finish second to last, or better.

3. Finish in under 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The first thing I plan to do, irregardless of whether I meet those goals or not, is to take my socks and shoes off.  My feet are always so hot and sticky and gross after I run.  And I’ll be sure to update the blog ASAP.  Forgive me if it’s not until Monday night because after the triathlon I have a wedding and then have to drive to Richmond for a conference.  Thanks for checking in, and welcome to summer!!


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