Expanding my Horizons

This past weekend I decided to do some different stuff around my town.  I grew up in the same county I live in now, so it’s easy to get stuck in old habits. Friday night I went to an improv comedy show at a local theater a couple of my old high school friends own.  I’ve been twice before, but it was so fun to see them being successful and to see how the downtown area really comes alive on warm, sunny summer nights.  I think next month (shows are the first Friday of every month) I’ll try a new restaurant down there and really enjoy the atmosphere.  Oh, and the show was hilarious, ask me for info.

Saturday we trekked in to DC for a Nationals game vs. the Reds.  This was only my second time at Nats Park and it is just a good time.  It’s just relaxing to sit there in the nice weather and watch good old-fashioned baseball.  Granted, my legs were throbbing from workouts and I had on long pants, which wasn’t smart… but I still had fun.  Afterwards, we went to The Bullpen which is right across the street and is kind of like a playground for adults.  There was a live band, which was actually decent, fast pitch games, and 8-10 sets of cornhole boards.  We stayed for hours just hanging out, talking, playing cornhole… right in downtown DC!  It was another perfect summer night.

Yesterday (Sunday) I didn’t really do anything new or different per say, but after a hectic week my friend and I sat on my back deck and played games.  This sounds simple enough, but again it was a great way to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  We’ve had two weekends back-to-back with great weather and I hope it continues for the rest of the summer because I’m ready to get out there and enjoy.  Now if only school would end so I could spend some time at the pool getting tan…


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