Just another manic May day

May has been crazy for me this year, which is probably evident by my small number of posts (sorry!).  It flew by and is almost over, which means summer is getting closer.  I’ll talk about that more in my next post.

Let’s start with my job: school is winding down and the kids are starting to get restless.  The good news is that they passed their standardized tests with flying colors!  My freshmen are ready to not be freshmen and my sophomores are ready to face their most challenging year of high school, or so they think.  I’ve found out that next year I will be teaching all freshmen and will go back to having both academic and honors level course. 

Okay, now for physical activity/recreation: My training is going okay, I’m getting all my workouts in but feel like I’m not getting the turnover I need in any of the three events, like I’m sluggish.  My biggest reason for that is a nagging tight left calf and minor shin splints in my left leg.  I’m trying to rest, ice, stretch, etc. as much as I can but especially when I run it’s a problem.  I have just under a month to go until the race so I’m hoping to see improvements, especially with my workouts starting to cut back.

Also, I joined an adult bowling league with two of my friends!  I may’ve mentioned this before, but we have had three weeks now, have established averages, and are having a blast.  Skill-wise, we’re not awesome, but we are having a blast and are in a handicap league, so we can still compete 🙂  More on that as the summer rolls along.

No time for anything else as I have to go teach, but I’ll try to be more frequent in the future.  Happy Friday and have a great Memorial day weekend!


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