San Diego Part Two

Alright, I’m just going to jump right in.

Day Three: We left early to quest up the coast to LA for a taping of the Lopez Tonight show at the WB studios.  The traffic around LA really is as bad as they say.  And for that alone I could NEVER live there.  That being said, we had a great day.  The taping involved a lot of standing around, but we were “upgraded” to VIP status.  Because of that we were in the front section of the studio and got to see all the action.  George Lopez is crazy and the guests were Ludacris and Clarke Duke (polar opposites!).  After the taping we grabbed food at the closest place we could find, which happened to be a Bob’s Big Boy.  The girls had never been there so it was an experience for sure.  Oh, and I can’t forget we saw where Michael Jackson is buried which was a highlight for one member of our group.  I can now officially check LA off my list of places to visit.  Probably for good.

Days Four/Five:  These days were spent doing all the things around San Diego we hadn’t done.  We toughed it out on Mission Beach in the 60 degree weather, we explored Old Town a little more, we ate foot-long hot dogs on Coronado Island, and we just had fun!  The nights were even more entertaining as I caught up with an old friend who lives out there now.  We had a great dinner of sushi before meeting up with the girls for some more karaoke 🙂  The next night, our last night there, I hung out with the same guy and several of his friends.  We spent most of the evening at a dueling piano bar, which I’ve never done before.  Courtesy of the guys, I ended up on stage acting out words to a song… with some help from the piano men.  Hilarious.

Our last day we were up, cleaning, and off to the airport.  I slept the vast majority of the flight, which was much-needed. Then we were home and it was time to attack the piles of laundry before a quiet Easter weekend.  All in all, it was a fantastic trip and the perfect break from the real world!

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