Spring Break: San Diego Edition

Alright, now that I’ve had some time to get back into the swing of normal life, let me start to recap my amazing week off in San Diego.  This will certainly take a few posts, so have patience.  I went with two of my co-workers, whom I’ve talked about before (ski trip).  The flights there weren’t overly eventful, other than the stewardess dumping an entire bucket of ice over next to me seat.  Oh, and the overhead light near us flickered the whole way.  We asked about it and got the response, “Oh, it came that way from Japan”.  Of course it did.  After a slightly confusing cab ride to our place, we crashed for the night.

Day One: We drove over to Coronado Island for the day and relaxed on the immaculate beach there.  Heaven is the one word I would use to describe this place.  Quiet, sunny, warm, water, sand… I have not felt more relaxed in a long, long time.  The sand has flecks of gold in it which shimmer in the sunlight when the water pulls back out to sea.  The girls read and napped while I did some reading and a lot of walking.  I just love to observe the people and sites in places like that.  Then we grabbed ice cream on the way home, pomegranate chip for me (delicious!).

After relaxing with an early evening movie at home while we showered and some of us nursed our sunburn (not me, thankfully).  Then we wandered out into the night, literally as we left our car at home, and quested for fish tacos.  Fish tacos to me is like shrimp pizza, two things that should not be combined.  To be fair, I’ve never actually eaten either.  This night, we climbed a fence to avoid a longer walk only to discover the restaurant wasn’t what we wanted.  Plan B was a 24-hour diner with excellent Texas french toast.  Breakfast for dinner anywhere is one of my favorite things, but on vacation it was even better!

Day Two: Up early(ish) and off to 7-11 for slurpees.  I forgot to mention this yesterday, but this was a daily routine and a fantastic way to start the day.  Then time for the famed San Diego Zoo!  I love animals and I love photographing them, so this was right up my alley.  This zoo is one of the bigger ones I’ve been to in my life and even includes a gondola to help you get from one side to the other.  Highlights for me were the koalas (especially the babies!), the peacock which was showing off its gorgeous feathers, and the funky flamingos.

The evening plan was centered around finding and performing karaoke, no matter the lengths we had to go to achieve that.  We started at a Mexican restaurant which featured flavored frozen margaritas and FREE appetizers, yum!  Then we ended up in the Gaslight district of downtown San Diego.  Here we wandered around until we ended up at Rock Bottom.  Some of the highlights of our time there were a note our bartender wrote us saying, “The toothless man is obviously a few McNuggets short of a happy meal so let me know if he starts to bother you guys”.  Classic.  This was followed by an Argentinian college-age boy asking us if we wanted to join his friends back at the motor home for some friendly beer pong. Uh… thanks, but no thanks?! We did eventually make it to karaoke and made friends with some members of the Coast Guard.  The girls sang a few songs, some of which were legit while others cleared the room.  It was late when we finally made it back to the house to sleep.

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