I’m not an ambi-turner…

… I can’t turn left.  Really I can’t breathe to the left.  I tried today, in the pool, and almost drowned.  It didn’t help that I was splitting the lap lane with a collegiate athlete who was completing her workout while home on Spring Break.  She had it printed out and sitting poolside.  I think she lapped me 15 times in 20 minutes.  Awesome.  But other than that, training is going well and I even got outside on the bike this week!

But enough about training.  In other news, I took a day off last week.  I drove in a car with my sister to see my grandparents and some friends.  The day off was amazing, I haven’t had one of those since October.  I also haven’t ventured away from home since then due to gymnastics.  The weather was amazing, I got to relive college life, and just have fun.  It was also the most time I’ve gotten to spend with my sister in what seems like years, and it was so worth it.  It was a great preview of Spring Break which starts this weekend!  Myself and two of my friends are heading west for the week to soak up the sun and see the sites.  I can’t wait to get away and breathe fresh air all day.  I’m sure I’ll update when I return, but I’m out for now.


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