March Madness

First, the official March Madness: NCAA Basketball.  Despite my best (okay, lame) efforts to get more into college basketball this season, I feel just as prepared as I always do to fill out my bracket: not at all.  This year I’m in one official pool and one unofficial pool.  My goal is always to be in the top fifty percent of participants, just so I feel above average, at worst.  I can’t reveal who I picked quite yet because many of you are probably still researching and deciding and I don’t want to give away any of my secrets.  But be sure that I’ll keep you all posted.

Second, the March Madness of my life this month.  I hate March.  It’s hands down my least favorite month.  I’ve discussed this before and this particular March has proved to be no different than the others.  Too much rain, not enough snow or warmth, too many feelings of guilt about not cleaning or cooking in all my free time, too many projects to grade, etc. But the good news is, spring break is coming!  And this weekend I’m getting out of town with my little sister so that should help pass the time until April comes around… I hope 🙂


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