Back to Reality

Sorry for the post delay, my life has been consumed with the Olympics for the past two weeks.  I have also had to work two full weeks, which was a change from all the snow days we’ve been having.  But now Spring is beginning to peek its head around the corner, which means I can run and bike outside more comfortably.  I’m moving into month two of my triathlon training and so far, so good.  Spring also means I need to figure out what to do with my yard (after two months under snow it is struggling).

With the Olympics over, I have to go back to regular sports.  I am of course excited about March Madness, especially with my attempt this season to actually watch college basketball on a regular basis and get to know the teams.  That goal hasn’t really been achieved.  I mean I’ve watched more games than any other season, but I haven’t increased my knowledge really at all.  Bummer.  Maybe next year?  For now, I’ll fill out my bracket and hope for the best 🙂

Spring also means the popular sport is baseball.  I am underwhelmed by baseball. Always. I’ve found that going to games in real life is okay if the weather is nice, and if I keep score old-school style.  That gives me something to do at least.  But watching baseball on TV? I’d rather be outside staring at my yard, trying to figure out what to do with it.   That being said, the silver lining to spring sports sports is all the high school sports that go on.  We have lacrosse, baseball/softball, tennis, soccer, and track.  Any excuse to sit outside and get a tan while supporting my students, I’m more than willing to partake in.

Bottom line: Bring on the sunshine and springtime.

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