The E’s of February

The E’s of February are kind of like the Ides of March… except not at all. But here we go!

Excited – Mainly because the gymnastics team I coach finished the season on several high notes.  We did well at Districts as a team and my individuals all had season-bests at Regionals.  We also have a girl who will be competing in the State Meet (which is a first for our school!)  I’m just proud of all the work the girls have done and how well they did, especially after over a week with no practice due to the snow.  My assistant and I put a lot of hours into this season and this team so it’s nice to see that pay off.

Exhausted – As mentioned in previous posts, we have had TONS of snow here.  Like over 50″ in the last two weeks. That’s insane.  More importantly, it means I’ve had to shovel all that snow.  This also included shoveling snow off my parents’ roof… after which I jumped off!  On top of the endless shoveling, I started my triathlon training.  It was a little tricky this week because the indoor pool was closed several days, so I had to shift some workouts.  Ultimately week one went well and I got everything in.  I cannot wait to get outside on my bike though, because indoor bikes just do not compare. I have been able to run outside, in spite of my neighbors calling me crazy.  And swimming… well, I haven’t sunk yet.

Enthusiastic – So February and March are my least favorite months of the year, typically.  But so far, this February hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve gotten out of work seven days of the possible eleven so far due to the snow.  Gymnastics is ending well and ending, so free time will increase.  I’ve been having a blast with my friends recently, even beat them in cosmic bowling the other night!  Spring break is the last week of March, which will help cut that awful month short.  And like I said, it could be worse, and there’s snow predicted for next week so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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