My Life in a Snowglobe

The last two weeks of my life have been (happily) filled with snow.

Last weekend I went on a ski trip with some of my closest college and work friends.  We stuck with a late 90s music theme, rocked tacky ski outfits, and just had a ball.  Everyone was much improved from the year before, with a little help from 10 inches of fresh powder.  We also played a few games and watched some movies.  Just hanging out in the ski house.  It reminded me how fun it is to just get away and relax, since this was my first weekend trip since early late October.  We fishtailed a car to get it out of the driveway, saw Jesus at a Sheetz, found the missing piece to our puzzle, and just had fun in the snow.

Fast forward to Tuesday night when it snowed 5-6 inches.  No work on Wednesday 🙂  Got a lot done around the house, caught up on sleep from the weekend and just relaxed.

Jump ahead to Friday when the “snowpocalypse” hit our area.  32″ of snow was recorded near my house.  One of my co-workers had crashed with me to be close to people during this disaster and we headed out for dinner with our other friends.  Saturday it snowed ALL DAY.  We shoveled for two or more hours after realizing we’d lost power sometime during the night.  Then we were picked up and driven to a friends house two miles away (thank goodness!).  After lots of college basketball and food, we crashed there Saturday night for our adult version of a sleepover.  This morning we woke to bright sunshine and I decided to walk home to see if we had power and finish shoveling out the cars.  Then drove back for the Superbowl and to pick up my co-worker I’d left there (she’s not used to the snow).

Currently, I’m exhausted from shoveling (I think I pulled a stomach muscle) and I’m ready to sleep in my own bed with heat.  Oh, and the forecast for this week is another 10 or so inches.  And work is already canceled for tomorrow and Tuesday.  AMAZING.  I love the snow!

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