Blood, Sweat, and No Tears

I got home tonight at 8:15pm.  I had been at work for 9 hours then ran a bunch of errands, most relating to work.  My to-do list included several items relating to my car, but I told myself I could put those off until tomorrow if I was productive in my house.  Then I stepped inside and felt a cool breeze floating down the stairs.  Awesome. My heater, which was supposedly fixed on Sunday, was apparently not actually fixed.  After a quick call to schedule another appointment tomorrow, I figured I might as well work on the car since it was just as cold in my house as it was in the garage.

Step One: Put more oil in the car.  Easy. Done.

Step Two: Put ski racks on the car.  Not quite so easy.  Involved finding a few specific tools.  Nothing I couldn’t handle. Done.

Step Three: Replace front left headlight.  Oh goodness.  My manual clearly states that the German engineering of my car is too complex for this task to be completed anywhere but a licensed auto repair shop.  I have successfully completed this task twice, although once looking under the hood I realize both times must have been the front right headlight, because this is different.  After a few attempts, I get the lamp out and physically replaced.  I test it to make sure it works.  Success!  Now I just have to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.  This part stinks.

First, getting the light set back in its holder is a nightmare and nearly impossible with the angle at which it must be held to fit into place.  Then, it literally took me 18 minutes to get one of the two protective covers back on.  It’s dark (and the flashlight I’m holding in my teeth is dull), my fingers aren’t small enough for the space, and I keep blocking my view with the piece I’m trying to replace.  Ugh.  Finally, by the grace of God, I hear a click and it’s in!  I quickly rush to close up the rest of the parts and slam the hood.  Take that owner’s manual.

At 9:03pm I walk back into my house.  Dirty and tired with scraped up hands, but proud of myself for finishing what I started with completely panicking.  Now it’s time to wash up, put on extra layers and try to survive another cold night.

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