Delightful December

December has been and will always be my favorite month of every year.  There are a number of reasons for that; the most obvious: my birthday is at the beginning and Christmas is at the end.  First, everything is about me and what I want… then at the end, everything is about those people special to me and what they want.  What other month could top that?

This December was especially delightful because we received 22″ of snow which helped extend my winter break by two days.  I LOVE snow.  It doesn’t stop me (I ventured out at least once every day) and it makes me smile.  There’s just something magical about white fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky… maybe next time I’ll make it up the mountain to go skiing.

I also love December because the gymnastics team I coach starts their competitions.  It’s just fun to watch the girls get nervous, excited, stressed, and geared up to perform for their family and friends.  Even when I look around the gym and don’t see their loved ones, I like to think that at least I’m there cheering for them and giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents.  While I cannot help but want them to improve, work harder, and do better, there’s part of me that is proud of them for just getting out there and doing something they love.

Finally, I love December so much because I begin to start planning for the next year.  It’s like in college when the course directory would come out for the next semester and I could start planning my perfect schedule.  Only now, I get to map out my vacation time and start planning my trips!  This year I’m thinking about taking a pretty bold trip in the summer… but I’ll wait until the plans are more solidified before I reveal that.

Enjoy the last few days of December everyone!


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